Nursing Schools And Your Future

If you are dreaming of becoming a nurse, you are considering an honorable profession. Getting into one of the best nursing schools is important when pursuing this dream. With this career comes many opportunities, including a secure job, decent income, renown, and a flexible schedule. You have a better chance of keeping your job when times get rough and it is one of the fastest growing careers in the world.

Though most nurses work in a hospital, this is not your only option. Others include your local school district, a day spa, on a cruise ship, in the military, or other areas where medical expertise is needed. The average salary for a nurse is over $60,000 a year with some of the top performers in the industry making over six figures. You can choose any direction your path in life takes you.

Even if your career path does lead you to a hospital, there are many different types of work that you can perform there. These opportunities that nursing schools prepare you for involve working in intense operating and emergency rooms where every moment counts.

One field that is new to the nursing industry is traveling nurses. In this field, you work with agencies and travel with their groups to perform any necessary procedures and help with emergency situations that may come up on the trip. The wages are very competitive, you will work in different environments, and you get to travel all over the country and the world.

It is not necessary that you choose a specialty right away as some nursing schools have special programs that get you working in the field in less than a year. You can often learn while working on the job under the supervision of experienced nurses. This helps you learn which direction you want to go in the career.

Your salary depends on how much education you choose to pursue. With each new certification you receive, you can make more money. No matter which direction you go, your job will always be in demand. You can always get new certifications so that you can do something new and different. That way, your career is never stagnant. You could be working full time in your field in only one year, doing basic procedures and learning while you work.

Nursing schools can prepare you for every aspect of your career as well as any changes that occur in the industry with the passing of time. Comforting people and helping make them whole again will be rewarding for the rest of your life.

Earning High Income Through Associate Nursing Degree Salary

If you’ll look at the overall concept of education and careers, one of the things you’ll think of is you’ll get better careers once you’re able to finish a good course. Although some people become successful without higher education, it’s still a fact that you’ll get better careers with higher education. Better education opens you up to better job and career opportunities than the usual. However, it’s still important to give high regards to getting associate nursing degree. Even if it’s just an associate course, associate nursing degree salary is still better than the others. Primarily, people who are able to complete this course don’t really need to be concerned about getting laid off especially these days since a lot of individuals are starting to experience the wrath of recession. The demands for health care nurses and practitioners have been increasing throughout the years and it never shows to cease. Fortunately, a lot of different schools are now offering this type of course to help people get this career in the future.

A usual associate nursing degree salary on a weekly basis is around $700 within the first year and even without doing any overtime work. The salaries of these experts would go far especially once they’ve started to get promoted in their jobs in the future. Looking at this salary, you can say that they’ve already got the same rates as what those computer experts, fashion designers, medical sonographers and others are earning. People who have obtained their RN can earn around $50,000 and even more together with other benefits like leaves, insurances and retirement benefits.

Relationships Key To Hemodialysis Nursing

This is so important, because dialysis is a very stressful procedure that patients who are very sick and very scared must undergo. The hemodialysis nurse who can put a patient at ease is one who makes the process a lot less scary and stressful.

Hemodialysis is a procedure by which the blood of the patient is filtered and cleansed from toxins. It becomes necessary when patients are experiencing renal failure, but the most common patients in the typical hemodialysis unit are those suffering from kidney disease and diabetes. As such, hemodialysis is never a once-and-done procedure. In fact, most dialysis patients are treated four to six times per week, for the rest of their lives, once they begin.

Time and Attention

One of the hallmarks of hemodialysis is the time it takes for a single procedure. The average treatment can take about three to four hours and involves the patient being hooked up to a dialysis machine as it filters the blood very slowly. During that time, the patient must be monitored for complications that include low blood pressure, nausea and dizziness. The hemodialysis nurse must be very careful after the dialysis is finished to employ procedures that will prevent infection.

The length of time needed for dialysis means there’s plenty of time for nurse and patient to interact. This is the time when the nurse is able to comfort the patient and explain exactly what’s going on. It is a time when fears are shared, futures are explored and hopes and dreams are offered. The hemodialysis nurse who can use this time to build relationships with patients is also the nurse who enjoys the greatest success among those he or she treats. It’s not an easy task, to be sure, but one that’s necessary nonetheless.

Sending Patients Home

Along those same lines, one of the newest trends in hemodialysis is teaching patients to perform the procedure at home by themselves. While home dialysis is still relatively new, it is slowly gaining popularity among dialysis patients capable of doing it. In order to prepare a patient to perform hemodialysis at home, the nurse must first build a strong relationship with that patient so that he has the confidence to learn the necessary skills. Next, the nurse must teach those skills and be sure the patient in competent before sending him home.

To be a good hemodialysis nurse, an individual must have an excellent bedside manner and the willingness to listen. When the nurse succeeds, helping dialysis patients overcome their fears and embrace life with all of the zeal possible is one of the greatest rewards she receives in return for her efforts.

A Tale Of Two Healthcare Degrees – Nursing Vs. Pharmacy Technician Program

You know that you want to work in healthcare. That much is clear. But whether you want to achieve this laudable goal via a pharmacy technician or nursing degree is still a little hazy, so much so that it is stressing you out. Slow down, take a deep breath, and let’s consider the pros and cons of each option.

A college graduate with a nursing degree can expect to make somewhere between $60,000 and $90,000 a year working as an RN. A graduate of a pharmacy technician program can expect to make an hourly wage ranging from $11 to $20 an hour, which translates into anywhere from $20,000 to $40,000 a year.

The difference in pay for graduates of a nursing rather than a pharmacy technician program may be attributable to the difference in:

- years of study
- working conditions
- responsibilities

Years of study
It usually takes more of a time investment to complete a nursing program as opposed to a pharmacy technician degree. In most provinces of Canada, it takes four years to acquire a BScN degree. And a BScN is simply the minimum requirement to become an RN in some provinces. Students who pursue this nursing degree commit to a range of biology, chemistry, mathematics and other pre-health courses. It is academically demanding, and may require a certain minimum average grade on one’s high school transcripts.

A pharmacy technician program, however, can be much faster to complete, for instance, two years as opposed to four years. Many of the courses in this program have a practical focus, learning how to prepare medications in classroom laboratories and field placement, for example. This program may better suit candidates who are eager to launch their careers as soon as possible.

Working conditions
Graduates of a nursing program must be prepared to work long shifts and irregular hours. Some people enjoy the flexibility of shift work, but those who don’t, may prefer to pursue a pharmacy technician program, which would enable them to find work within regular retail hours, and may even offer the possibility of working during normal business hours, depending on the establishment.

Whether a student is enrolled in a nursing or a pharmacy technician program, their future role is to safeguard the well-being of patients and clients. Nurses may have a more direct, day-to-day role in patient care than a pharmacy technician, who may only see their clients once a month, or, in the case of a hospital pharmacy, where staff fill their patients’ prescriptions, not at all.

Employment opportunities
Holders of a nursing degree can look for work in a private home, a residential care facility, a doctor’s office, a hospital, a school, etc.

Graduates of a pharmacy technician program can seek work behind the pharmacy counter of a drugstore in a mall, or in a long-term care facility or hospital. They may prefer to work for a pharmaceutical manufacturer, for instance, at a pharmaceuticals distribution centre or warehouse.

Two very different jobs in the same industry. In the end, only you can say which kind of training, a nursing or a pharmacy technician program, is right for you.